Perfect Halloween Gift- Inflatable Haunted House

Halloween Inflatable Haunted House Castle with Skeleton, Ghost & Skulls

Before you know it, Halloween will be here. Are you ready for what’s around the corner? Each year, I enjoy going out and buying something new to add to my collection – are you the same way? Whether you are just starting your collection or adding something new to it, Due to the fact that it did so good last year, I would like to introduce you to something from my collection – it’s an 8.5 foot inflatable haunted house castle with skeleton, ghost and skulls.

Who is This Inflatable Haunted House for?

Any individual who is looking to add a spooky setting to their yard would enjoy this inflatable haunted house. You can use it for yourself and your family, but trick-or-treaters could also benefit from it. I have some family photos from last year, taken in front of this inflatable haunted house, and I must say, those pictures turned out really good. So, if you’re looking for a good family photo Halloween prop, this would do the trick.


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Perfect for Nighttime Display

Many inflatable products don’t have the lighted design like I need, but this one right here does. The lighted design is outstanding and lights it up perfectly during the night.

Easy to Set Up

I don’t know about you, but the fact that it is easy to set up really caught my attention.  I mean, come on, who wants to spend all day trying to set something up? That’s no fun! This is created from lightweight materials and has a self-inflating design, making it easy for anyone in your family to set it up and once Halloween is over, take it down and store.

Easy to Store

Once this display has been deflated, since it has a compact design, it is easy to store. In fact, you can store it almost anywhere you want.

Use Inside or Outside

This inflatable haunted house is made with weatherproof material, so you can easily use it outside in your yard. However, if you are the type who likes to have inflatable stuff inside your home, that won’t be a problem, as long as you have room for it.

Take a Look at the Specifications:

  • 9 Feet High
  • 7 Feet Wide
  • 7 Feet Long
  • Includes Lights
  • Is Not Animated
  • Does Not Play Music


What Others are Saying About this Inflatable Haunted Houses …

At the time of writing this review, there was a total of 15 reviews posted on Amazon.  Out of a possible 5 stars, it has a total of 4.8 stars. Seeing words such as “awesome”  and “perfect,” it is obvious that other individuals like it just as much as me. One reviewer stated that “it’s not too big or too small” and I agree with that statement.

Of course, where there’s pros, there seems to always be a con. One con I noticed about this would be the fact that the blower is noisy. However, for me, that’s not that big of a flaw, because with inflatable devices, there is going to be noise.

In conclusion, last year, I used this inflatable haunted house as an entry way to a graveyard theme I did and I must say, it was a big hit. In my personal opinion, my décor was one of the best on my block and I owe it all to this inflatable haunted house. Would I recommend this product to my friends? Of course I would, or I wouldn’t be recommending it to you right now.


Halloween Kitchen Décor Gift Ideas

ID-100100595Mostly when people decorate their house for Halloween, they  focus on the living room and forget all about the kitchen. This Halloween, you should put some extra attention on your kitchen, don’t you think? Today, we are here to give you some interesting ideas by showing you some nice Halloween kitchen décor that you could use …

Skeleton Salt and Pepper Holder

Having a skeleton hold your salt and pepper for you seems pretty cool, right? This salt and pepper shaker will be a nice conversation starter during your next spooky party, there’s no doubts about that one. This item has been individually hand-crafted from cold cast resin and includes glass salt and pepper shakers.

Zombie Salt and Pepper Holder

If you are looking for a spooky salt and pepper holder, but you don’t quite dig the skeleton salt and pepper holder, no big deal … here’s a pretty cool zombie salt and pepper holder. This is especially great if you have a taste for zombies!  This set also comes with the glass salt and pepper shakers and has been individually hand-crafted from cold cast resin.

Witches Legs

If you have the witch trapped in a drawer or chest, she won’t be flying away into the moonlight on her broom. These plush witch’s legs will be sure to make a “witchy” atmosphere happen in your kitchen.

Dragon Skull Electric Oil Warmer

How about adding a snarling dragon skull to your kitchen décor? This is a spooky electric oil warmer and a must have! It has been individually hand-crafted from cold cast resin. It comes with the glass dish and heat light cover.

Grim Reaper Wine Holder

This grim reaper would make a perfect wine holder in your kitchen during Halloween!  He is 11” long and made from cold cast polyresin.

Owl Salt and Pepper Shaker

If you weren’t fond of the  skeleton or zombie salt and pepper holders, perhaps you would like this set in your kitchen? They’re not spooky, but they would still make great décor in your kitchen during Halloween.

Spider Web Bowl Candy Holder

This would go perfect in your kitchen during Halloween. This is a metal 2-tier basket that looks like spider webs. You could add some of those plastic spiders in there to give it a spooky look.

Halloween Fabric Table Runner

No kitchen décor is complete without a table runner! This one right here could easily fit in with your other Halloween kitchen décor. The haunted houses set the theme. This runner measures 13” x 7.

Bloody Handprints

For the kitchen window, let’s put some bloody handprints! This sheet has assorted window clings in different shapes and sizes.  It has both bloody handprints and bloody splatters.

Skeleton Chef Wine Bottle Holder

If you enjoy wine, this Halloween, you definitely need to get a wine bottle holder to go with your kitchen décor. If you’re not too fond of the grim reaper wine bottle holder, perhaps this skeleton chef wine bottle holder will suit your needs?  This features a bony chef laying on his back in a dirty uniform.

Ceramic Pumpkin Treat Jar

If you have dogs, why  not have a special treat jar? This ceramic pumpkin with a paw print on it will fit in with your Halloween kitchen décor.

There you have 11 different pieces you could purchase for your kitchen. All of them will be sure to add a taste of Halloween to your kitchen.







Top 5 Spooky Wine Holders …Store Your Wine In Spooky Way

91HRNABrNEL._SL1500_During those Halloween months, you may be interested in storing your wine in a spooky way – by using spooky wine bottle holders. Some individuals actually choose to takes these wine bottle holders and use them all year long and that is perfectly fine. Here, take a look at the top 5 spooky wine holders out there …

Drinking Scary Skeleton Wine Holder

Here’s a good way to store your wine … in a skeletons mouth! Don’t worry though, the skeleton isn’t really going to drink your wine, he’s pretty much all bones. This wine bottle holder has been hand crafted from cold cast resin. At your next Halloween party, this will be a big head-turner. You know, some people choose to leave this in their kitchen all year long and there’s nothing wrong with that. I mean come on, if you want to have a skeleton in your kitchen that is perfectly fine.

Zombie Hands Rising from the Grave Wine Holder

Do you dare to grab that bottle of wine from the hands of a zombie? This is definitely an eerie sight. I mean come on, you have a zombie rising from the grave just to grab that bottle of wine? That must be one good bottle of wine! This decorative zombie wine bottle holder is exquisitely details and looks pretty real – so real that it will be sure to scare your guests. It makes a great gift for individuals who love zombies and wine.

Grim Reaper Wine Holder

Because there’s nothing odd about having a grim reaper hold your wine for you! This wine bottle takes a whole new approach to a wine glass holder and bottle storage! Mind you, if you have a faint heart, you may not want this one. This wine holder stands an amazing 18 inches high and is complete with skulls at his feet. With this wine holder, you will also receive two 2.5 ounce wine glasses, but the wine doesn’t come with it – you’ll have to get that on your own.

Gargoyle Wine Bottle Holder

Do you have a love for gargoyles? If so, you will adore this gargoyle wine bottle holder. Gargoyles have meaning behind them. Typically, when you put them on your property, they will guard it for you and protect you from evil spirits. During religious times, these statues were used to communicate religious ideas of protection. It is believed that gargoyles will guard an entire town and protect the individuals within it the entire night, then, when the sun comes up, they return to their places. This protective meaning of gargoyles dates back to the ancient times. When you place gargoyles in your home, you are bringing in a good sense of mythical protection. What better way to do this than by using a gargoyle wine bottle holder?

Skull Wine Bottle Holder

Some people enjoy having skulls in their home all year long, while others simply want to use skulls to scare people during Halloween. Whichever you prefer, this skull wine bottle holder would be a great choice.  This wine bottle holder even has scary red eyes that light up (LED) – it will be sure to add a spooky look to that bottle of wine. It measures 7.25” L x 5.5” W and is 5.5” H.

There you have the top 5 spooky wine holders. I must say, there are some pretty interesting bottle holders, some of them, like the gargoyle, I would want to have on display all year long!

The Creepiest Living Dead Dolls ! Halloween Gifts Ideas

ID-100135698Who said dolls had to be all happy and cute? Ed Long and Damien Glonek has something different in mind … have you seen the creepy Living Dead Dolls? These dolls are a line of horror dolls designed by Ed Long and Damien Glonek and manufacture red by Mezco Toyz – they have been doing this since 2000 and routinely release new series. Today, I am here to point you towards some of the creepiest Living Dead Dolls out there …

1: Conjuring Annabelle Doll

Have you watched “The Conjuring?” It’s a pretty creepy movie, I must say. This is the movie that introduced the scary doll called Annabelle. While she was only a supporting character, she took our imaginations by storm and returned to the big screen in the star of her very own movies titled “Annabelle.” In this film, you learned about the origin of the doll and see exactly what she is made of. Now, thanks to the Living Dead Dolls collection, you can have your very own Annabelle doll. This doll stands ten inches tall and features five points of articulation – she is wearing the accurate clothing and features the same hairstyle that you saw in the film.

2:Chucky Doll

Speaking in dolls from movies, we cannot forget about this possessed doll … Chucky! Some people would only dare to have this doll in their home, so this isn’t really for the weak hearted! This doll stands 10 inches tall and has the same clothing he wears in the movie. How do you feel about having a Chucky doll in your home?  Don’t worry, he comes in a collector-friendly box, so you can choose to unleash him or let him stay for viewing.

3:Samhain Doll

Like Beltane and Lammas, the Samhain Doll is based on the Pagan holiday. Underneath her mask, there’s facepaint that looks like a skull. Her death date just so happens to be the Pagan New Year.

4:Krampus Living Dead Doll Set

In German folklore, Krampus is an anthropomorphic, horned figure who punishes children during Christmas time – he goes to the children who have misbehaves, unlike Saint Nicholas, who brings the well-behaved children gifts. I just had to add this Krampus Living Dead Doll set, because I like both the white and the black ones.

5:The Headless Horseman Doll

Here’s one of the most popular characters of American folklore – The Headless Horseman. After he lost his head during the Revolutionary war, he rides through the night looking for his head. Since he doesn’t find it, he settles for a pumpkin, but continues the search for his missing head. This is the first Living Dead Doll that allows you to remove the head, so you can display him with his pumpkin head on or off. When you take it off, you’ll see his stump of a neck. He stands 10 inches toll and comes complete with the clothing.

6:The Nohell Doll

Here’s Nohell and she’s dressed for the Christmas season! She’s wearing a festive red and white dress and her boots contain real bells – her hat is removable. She stands 10 inches tall.

7: Alice In Wonderland Figure Eggzorcist as The White Rabbit

I cannot pass up this creepy Alice in Wonderland rabbit! If you enjoyed the movie and loved the game titled “Alice,” you will absolutely adore Eggzorcist.

8:Schitzo the Clown

I’m sorry if you’re afraid of clowns, but I definitely have to add a creepy clown! I mean come on, no “creepy” list would be complete without a clown! Schitzo the Clown is here to send creeps your way! What’s not to adore about Schitzo?

So there you have the creepiest evil dead dolls – you have Annabelle, Chucky, the Samhain Doll, Krampus, the Headless Horseman, Nohell, Eggzorcist and Schitzo – which one do you like the most?

Top 5 Vampire Costumes of 2015

61OlTLpHUTL._UY741_Halloween 2015 is here! Are you excited? I know I sure am! Every year, I look forward to seeing all of the latest costumes and Halloween displays throughout my area. I absolutely love the entire atmosphere when it comes to Halloween – the spooky feeling, the slight chill and the autumn smells lingering through the air. What’s not to like about all of that? Okay, let’s push those zombies to the side for a bit and talk about vampires – while your friends may want to dress up as a zombie, you may want to be something a bit more ancient … a vampire! There are hundreds and thousands of vampire costumes out there that you could choose from. Today, we are going to give you a helping hand by pointing you towards the top 5 vampire costumes of 2015 …


Number 1 – Rubie’s Costume Royal Vampire Costume – for Men

Coming from Rubies collection, which represents over six decades of quality products for every costume occasion, we have a Royal vampire costume. This package contains the coat with an attached vest and medallion – it is 100% polyester.

Number 2 &#8211 Costumes Vampiress Of Versailles – for Women

If you’re on the lookout for a nice vampire costume that will make you stand out from the crowd, the vampires of Versailles is the way to go. This is a full structured petticoat and comes with a vampires choker – the vampire teeth are sole separately, which you can easily find them at any Halloween store.

Number 3- Lord Gruesome Vampire Costume – for Men

When I first saw this one, I just had to add it to my list of top 5 vampire costumes of 2015. I don’t know why, but there’s just something about it – I believe it is unique, to say the least. I really like the tethered look of this costume and believe it has the potential to be very scary. Take note, the skull and cane that you see in the picture is sold separately.


Number 4- Rubies Costume Deluxe Little Dead Riding Hood – for Women

Who would ever think Little Read Riding Hood would have turned into Little Dead Riding Hood? I guess the wolf got to her before she could be saved and now she has returned … as a vampire! This is a pretty creepy costume, if you really think about the concept and that is why I had to include it on my list of the top 5 vampire costumes of 2015. This one really does take a classic tale and add a twist of terror to it, which is something that can really scare people.


Number 5 &#8211 Rubie’s Costume Grand Heritage Collection Deluxe Count Of Transylvania Costume

On my list, I definitely had to include the old classic vampire look! If you’re looking to be a Count of Transylvania this year, this costume is definitely for you. The costume comes with the vest with attached sleeves and jabot. It even has the collared cape, to complete the look.

So there you have them – the top 5 vampire costumes of 2015. This year, if you really want to stand out from the crowd and you won’t to go with a classic tradition of being a vampire, this list has a little bit of something for every one.


Top Outdoor Halloween Décor


When it comes to Halloween, you cannot forget about decorating the outside of your house. I don’t know about you, but every year, I look forward to seeing the decorations that my neighbors put out and I’m sure they look forward to seeing mine – each year, I try to add something new to my collection. Are you looking to add something to your Halloween décor collection? Here’s the top outdoor Halloween décor on my list ….

Sinister Skull Holding a Lantern

If you are looking to add an extra spook to your yard during Halloween, this sinister skull holding a lantern would do a good job. It puts off just enough light so that it doesn’t take away from the creepy atmosphere. When it is lit, during the dark, it can add drama to any spooky setting. It requires two AA batteries.

Skeleton Dog Halloween Décor

In the mixture of spooky outdoor accessories, we can’t forget a skeleton dog to watch over it all. The skeleton dog is 18.5 inches long, 7.9 inches wide and stands 7.5 inches high. It is made of plastic.


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Baby Skel-E Dragon

Along with that dog, you may be interested in this baby skel-e dragon. This little baby dragon is so creepy, but at the same time, it’s cute! It is great for the front yard or patio – wherever you put it, people who see it will be sure to smile. While it is great for Halloween, I would personally use it anytime of the year. It is made of durable polyresin and can be used either indoor or outdoor.

Zombie Gnome

Gnomes, alone, are pretty creepy, don’t you think? So take one of those garden gnomes and turn it into a zombie and you’ll have a pretty creepy outdoor Halloween decor on your hands.

Evil Hissing Cat

During Halloween, we cannot forget about black cats! This evil hissing cat will definitely add a spooky look to the atmosphere. This hissing black cat stands 19 inches tall and is very scary looking.

Grim Reaper Driving Pumpkin Carriage

You can add some spookiness to your yard by purchasing some pretty cool inflatable accessories. This grim reaper driving a pumpkin carriage caught my eye … because in my opinion, the grim reaper is pretty scary. It is made of weather resistant polyester and can be inflated in only minutes. When it is inflated, the measurements are 138”L x 51” W x 87 “ H. During the night time, of course, it lights up better. Check the video below to watch in action:)

Zombie Cat Halloween Decoration

This is a pretty looking zombie cat that will be sure to scare all of your Halloween guests. This cat is 13.4 inches wide and stands 12.2  inches high. It is made out of polyester and Styrofoam.

Scary Clown

This scary clown will be sure to add a thrill to that Halloween atmosphere. It comes complete with tattered clothes and has a realistic hand painted face. It is approximately 12 foot tall and his eyes light up. It requires 2 AA batteries.

Scary Pumpkin Prop

Does pumpkin head scare you? If so, this scary pumpkin prop is highly recommended. This hanging prop stands 12 inches high and the hanging prop is included.

The Corn Stalker

Here’s another scary pumpkin head that would go great in a creepy atmosphere.  It stands 7’6” tall and includes a step activation pad, 1 corn stalker and 1 ac adapter.

Lighted Zombie Stakes

These lighted zombie stakes really caught my attention. By using 3 AAA batteries, you can brighten the walk way for any “walkers.” They can be used to create a spooky Halloween display along a flower bed, fence line or a path. These zombies have glowing eyes that change from red to green to blue and they are complete with tattered clothing to give that all out spooky look.

That’s the top Halloween décor on my list this year and I can’t wait to add a lot of it to my Halloween setting!




Fantastic Vampire Jewellery for Her

61P1wr3hSmL._UY500_Fantastic Vampire Jewellery for Your Girlfriend

If you have a girlfriend who has a taste for vampires, then you may want to look into buying her special jewelry that suits her. Of course, I understand men may have trouble when it comes to picking out the perfect jewelry and for that reason I am going to point you towards three pieces of jewelry any girl who loves vampires is going to like …

1:Black Velvet Choker with Red Rose Cameo Surrounded by Thorns

When I thought about vampire-type jewelry for girls, I immediately remembered this black velvet choker. Personally, I think it would make a great gift for any girl that loves vampires and doesn’t have a taste for the super fine, expensive jewelry. Perhaps it would go great with her costume during Halloween?

Here’s some specifications on the choker:

  • The pendant is cast in high grade pewter
  • It’s adjustable between 12 to 16 inches
  • It has been hand crafted in the USA
  • The pendant size is 1 ½ inches high by 1 ¼ inches wide.

Either way you go, this choker right here is a must have, especially for those girls who are into punk, goth and/or steampunk jewelry.

2:DaisyJewel Gothic Red Heart Vintage and Silvertone Cross Necklace with Matching Vampire Fang Blood Drop Earrings

If you’re looking for a good gift to get your girlfriend and she loves vampires, you definitely cannot pass this necklace up. It also comes with matching earrings to complete it and in my opinion, it is astonishing.

Here’s some information about the set:

  • Skin-safe silver alloy dangle earrings
  • The pendant hands from a 22” round link chain that has a lobster clasp.
  • The same design from and back
  • A nice vintage Patina finish
  • The cross is beautiful and measures 2” x 2”

At the time of writing this article, looking at the reviews on Amazon, individuals gave this set a total of 4.7 out of 5 possible stars, so it is obvious that the buyers enjoy this product.

Point blank, if you are a boy who is looking for a nice affordable present for his vampire loving girlfriend, you honestly cannot go wrong with this one right here.

3:Gothic Bat Wings and Vampire Coffin Necklace

Does your girlfriend have a unique taste for all things vampire? Then she would probably adore this Gothic bat wings and vampire coffin necklace.

Here’s some information on the necklace:

  • It comes with a 24 inch chain
  • It is very detailed and has a solid base
  • It is 3” long and 2 1/2 inches wide

Yes, this necklace is labeled as “adult costume jewelry,” but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t make a great gift for your girlfriend. If your girlfriend plans on dressing up this Halloween, you may want to look into buying this for her as it may complete her costume.

So there you have it, three fantastic vampire jewelry ideas for your girlfriend. Honestly, it may not be a special occasion, such as an anniversary or Birthday, but that doesn’t mean you cannot go out and buy your girlfriend a gift. You see, it will be even more of a surprise if it isn’t a special occasion and yes, these necklaces have an affordable price tag on them – the gift you buy for your girlfriend doesn’t always have to be expensive.


Choosing a Sexy Halloween Disguise! Some Great Ideas

Naughty Pirates

Long known as the “bad boys” of the sea, pirate Halloween costumes can be sexy for both men and women. Both sexes can utilize high black boots, eye patches, sashes, and hats for accessories. For women, a short skirt and crop shirt can help finalize the look, and for men, tight black pants and unbuttoned shirts to show off their chests will work. Remember your own personal touches of gold jewelry and other accessories.

Fallen Angels

This sexy Halloween costume is largely geared for women. The idea here is that more is actually less. Combine the traditional halo and wings with a full-length, form fitting gown and sexy shoes.

Sexy Superhero

What is a sexier than a superhero coming to your rescue? Many superhero costumes will automatically be better fitted to show off your superhero physique. For men, this includes fitted pants and top, and for women, a fitted top and short skirt. Pair it off with a cape and you are ready to save the world (or at least your party)!

Not-So-Innocent Schoolgirl

The schoolgirl outfit is a traditional sexy Halloween costume for women. The idea is to give off the naughty girl vibe while still appearing “innocent&#8221. Most of these costumes include a tight shirt that features your cleavage, plaid mini skirt, and knee high white socks. Add some pigtails to your hair and grab a book and your disguise is perfect.

Mysterious Egyptian

Bring the heat of the Nile to your Halloween party! These sexy couples Halloween costumes are perfect for both men and women. For women, transmit your inner Cleopatra with a revealing frock, high-heeled sandals, and rich makeup. For men, you can transmit your inner King Tut with lavish robes, fitted pants, and sandals. Some gold jewelry or a crown will aid to complete the style.

Love Slave

Being a slave for Halloween is definitely one of the naughtier costumes. Either sex can dress in somewhat exposed clothing and fake “chains.”

Inventive Sexy Halloween Costumes

Almost any Halloween costume can be redesigned to a sexy Halloween costume with a little work. Swap out full length dresses for mini-skirts, opt for low-cut necklines, or select fitted dresses or pants.

However, you should keep in mind that not all sexy Halloween costumes are proper for every occasion. If you are hosting a family party, for instance, you may choose for a costume that is appropriate for all ages and put aside your sexy Halloween costume for an adults only party. Several costumes can be converted either way by choosing a longer skirt or looser pants for daytime wear or picking out different accessories to complete your look.

With a little ingenuity and swagger, you can make your sexy Halloween costume work flawlessly for your strut!

Top Three Halloween party games for kids

file6181237209088Planning a Halloween party, but are unsure how to keep the kids entertained while they are there. After all, there is only so much pizza and candy that a kid can take! If you are tired of the traditional games, like costume contests and bobbing for apples, here are a couple of halloween party games for kids that can help keep everyone entertained also.

Spooky Storytelling

On a creepy night like Halloween, telling spooky stories can help set the mood. Before the party, you will want to take a small deck of index cards and write story-starting phrases. You will want at least one per party goer, and more if you want the game to continue longer. Keep them appropriate to your party&#8217s age group, but you can include things like:

It was a dark and stormy night…
The door creaked open and we saw…
The witch cackled over her cauldron, stirring what looked like…
I peaked under the bed and saw…
There was a knocking at the window and&#8230
I heard a horrible scream and I knew…

To play the game, sit everyone in a circle and dim the lights. Consider having a flashlight to pass to the person whose turn it is to tell the tale. Have everyone pick a card, and then someone starts the story. Set a timer for one or two minutes, and that person has to start the story with the phrase on their card. When the timer goes off, the flashlight gets passed to the next person, who then continues the tale with the phrase on their card. This continues at least until everyone has a turn, or longer if you have the time.

Mummy Memory

Get a large serving tray and fill it with small Halloween goodies. Toy spiders and bugs, stickers, pumpkins, and other Halloween party favors can be a good way to go (plus, you can recycle these items into the goodie bags to go home when you are done). Cover the tray with a cloth, and give everyone a piece of paper and a pencil. Remove the cloth, giving everyone a minute or two to study the tray, and then recover. Everyone should then try to write down everything that they remembered, with the person remembering the most winning a prize.

Terror Tag

You need a larger, empty room for this game. Before the game starts, secretly assign each person to be a ghost or a mortal. An easy way to do this is to give each person a slip of paper with their designation on it – but make sure they know it is to be a secret! You should always have a much higher ratio of mortals to ghosts, so most of the time one or two ghosts will be plenty. Then, turn down the lights so that it is dark in the room (or you could blindfold players). Have them go about the room, shaking hands with other players, and whispering to them if they are ghost or mortal. If you shake hands with a ghost, you must freeze in terror. This continues until there are only ghosts left.

Halloween party games can be fun to play and help pass the time. If you need more ideas, consider giving any of your regular party favors a Halloween twist and using them.

Adult Halloween Games

file4311283033798Who says Halloween is just for kids? Halloween is, of course, a time for trick-or-treating, and mom and dad certainly can’t go out begging in the streets for candy, but the holiday can also be a great time for some adult fun.

If you are planning a Halloween party for grown-ups, you will want to have some adult Halloween games on hand. It is all part of the fun.

Some great adult Halloween games include:

About the Town : This is a scavenger hunt. All you need to do is create a list of Halloween-related items, pass out the list to each team, and send them on their way to collect the items. Some great objects to put on the list include:


A Hangman’s noose
A black veil
An obituary

You get the idea. Just include items that have to do with being scared, ghosts, Halloween, or whatever.

You might try a variation on the hunt, too. One great one is to make the hunt a video scavenger hunt. Each team goes off with video camera in hand (or cell phone with a camera or whatever) and films the items rather than actually bringing the items back with them. This is really cool because you can make the list of items include really big stuff and potentially scary things like tombstones. For a further variation, you can have the list be only things like: Superman, a clown, a pirate, a fairy princess, a werewolf, a vampire, and so on. That would mean the adult Halloween games would include the kids via taking video of trick-or-treaters who are all dressed up.

Halloween Fortune Telling : In this game, your guests put their knowledge of one another to the test and get to know each other better.

Simply hand out slips of paper and a pencil to each guest. Each person then chooses a person at the party (maybe even himself or herself), but doesn’t tell anyone who it is. Then, everyone write a “fortune” for that person, folds it, and puts it into the fishbowl. You can have everyone write one or several; that’s up to you.

Then, each guest pulls out a slip of paper and reads the fortune. He then tries to guess which person wrote the fortune and which person the fortune is about.

Some examples of fortunes might be:

“This person will get caught doing something illegal and spend the night in jail.”
“This person will marry someone from a foreign country.”
”This person will quit his job and buy a Corvette when he turns fifty.”
“This person will adopt a child.”
“This person will become President of the PTA.”

You get the idea. Each person who correctly guesses wins a small prize, and this game is a delightful way to get conversations started at your Halloween bash.

A really cool variation of this game is to have each guest put their name on a piece of paper and drop into the bowl. Then have each guest draw a name from the bowl and have the one who drew the name make up a scary story about the name drawn. Then have the other guest guess who the scary story is about.

As you can see adult games can be a lot of fun and the types of games can be endless. It just takes a little planning to come up with adult Halloween games.

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